UTSU 0.3.1 is released!


Available translation: ID


Hi everyone, after hours of coding and bug feeding Hootsu, we're here to announce UTSU 0.3.1! You can get the new installer and .jar executable in the download page.


Also, you can download the older version here


Quality of life features, as follows :

-  Render button replaced with Rewind/Play/Pause/Stop buttons.

- Status bar added to the bottom of the screen that prints out simple progress/error

   messages, so you can know what's happening behind the stage.

- Progress bar when rendering or exporting to WAV.

- Opening and saving files will no longer freeze the UI.

- Rendering is now multi-threaded and should be faster than before.


New hotkeys! :

- Hotkeys on Mac now use CMD instead of CTRL as an accelerator.

- Ctrl+P to open song properties.

- SPACE to play/pause song. (In voicebank editor, SPACE will play selected oto line, if


- V to rewind song.

- B to stop song.

- Q for ADD mode, W for EDIT mode, E for DELETE mode.


Bugs fixed :

- Can no longer start playback while another playback on the same tab is in progress.

- Playback bar now starts and stops at the right places.

- Playback bar now moves at the right speed.

- Can now open voicebanks with an oto.ini but no character.txt file.

- Removed a few parsing errors in reading USTs.

- Removed a few parsing errors in reading voicebanks.


New languages! :

- Indonesian translation for UTSU.

- Italian user guide by Susrever (Thank you!)


As for next updates, we are planning to :

- Rework the UI, replacing ADD/EDIT/DELETE mode with a mode that does all three.

- Add Copy/paste, undo, & moving multiple notes at once.


If you meet error in this version, drop them all into the comment section, UTSU utaforum thread, or this form.


See you in the next release!


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    Hootsu (Thursday, 06 September 2018 23:23)

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