UTSU 0.4 is released!


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The 0.4 update is now released! It's focused mostly on improving quality-of-life while making and editing USTs. You can go straight to Download page to find new Windows/Mac installers and a new JAR executable.


Changes list as follows


New editor features! :

- Modulation added to note properties editor.

- Added menu items for cut/copy/paste/delete!

- Can move all highlighted notes at once.

- Can delete all highlighted notes at once.

- Can cut/copy/paste all highlighted notes at once.

- Added 1/64 quantization.

- Can now undo/redo several song editor features:

> Pasting, moving, resizing, deleting notes.

> Changing lyrics, envelopes, portamento, vibrato.
    > Changing note properties. (But NOT song properties!)

- Can now undo/redo several voicebank editor features:

> Adding or removing aliases.
    > Changing oto.ini values.
    > Changing prefixmap entries.


UX changes :
    - Replaced ADD/EDIT/DELETE with a single mode that does everything:




Does nothing, can be used to close unwanted context menus.


Creates new note.


Moves cursor to mouse location and opens context menu.


Selects a group of notes.


Moves cursor to mouse location.


Selects a group of notes.

RIGHTCLICK (on note)

Opens note context menu.

SHIFT-CLICK (on note)

Inclusively selects a note.

LEFTCLICK (on note)

Exclusively selects a note.


Resizes note or drags highlighted section.


edit lyrics on highlighted note.


Move to the next note while still editing lyrics

     - Can use left and right arrow keys to move between notes while not editing lyrics.
     - During playback, window auto-scrolls so playback bar is always visible.
     - Note properties and exporting to WAV are now menu items.
     - Can now zoom in/out vertically as well as horizontally.
     - Song editor is more zoomed out by default.
     - Track now starts with a note of pre-roll.
     - Added hotkeys for all menu items!

New language! : Brazilian Portuguese
      Translations are a work in progress, not all messages will be translated!

Bug fixes
     - Can now open voicebanks with oto.ini files that don't have aliases.
     - Scrollbar no longer jumps around when adding/deleting measures.
     - UI should no longer freeze when editing note properties.
     - UI should no longer freeze (as much) when changing voicebank in song properties.
     - Fixed concurrency bug that was causing timing errors in rendered output.
     - Defaults to 125.0 BPM when reading a UST with an unreasonably large tempo.
     - Default resampler now ignores moresampler-specific flags like Mt.


Any user-requested feature that didn't make it into this update will be included in the 0.5 and 0.6 updates later on!


Future plans:
    Kind of burnt out after this update, so i may take a break from coding for a month or two. After that, the next planned features are:

- Fixing inefficiencies and data leaks so Utsu is faster and doesn't eat up so much RAM.
   - User preferences editor, including color customization.
   - Built-in tools such as bulk editor, reclist converter.


Let us know what you think and what you have found in this Ver. As always, you can drop them in the comment section here, UTSU utaforum thread, or this form.
    See you in the next release!!


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